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7" Panty Liner, Reusable Pad

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We are delighted to be able to bring you reusable period pads. 

What are reusable period pads?

  • Cloth fabric pads, with a pretty top side, an absorbent core and a leak-proof backing, all made from fabric. 
  • You do not throw them away but instead, wash and re-use them again and again. 

Why use them???

1. You will reduce your menstrual cramps, infections and skin rashes.

If you suffer intense pain during your period and are using disposables, consider using alternatives like period pads, 100% organic cotton products or menstrual cups. Disposable pads also use plastics, which block airflow to your vagina, and not surprisingly, can encourage a painful rash.
Disposables also use synthetic fibres like rayon, which are super-absorbent, but will also absorb all the moisture in your vagina, increasing your chances of severe pain and infections -- especially if you are wearing one for hours, all day, all week.

This means your vagina is a happier one and so, in turn, means a happier you. 

If a happier vagina isn't awesome enough then you will love saving money!

Granted, reusables have a larger initial cost, but they last much, much longer. With proper care, cloth pads can last for years (my own cloth pads are six years old and are still going strong). Compare this to the disposable that has a lifespan of a few hours before it's thrown away, forcing you to buy more and more -- all of them ending up in a landfill.

You can do the math: assuming a person menstruates for 40 years, buys a £4 pack of disposables every month, it eventually adds up to £1,920 over their lifetime!!!

So we suggest that you need 4/6 a day, for 6 days. However, because they can be washed and dried, you won't need to splurge out on as many pads (we can't guarantee you won't, like me, become addicted to buying the prints) as you can wash and re-wear them the same cycle. 

Switching to reusables is a striking example of how seemingly small personal choices can have a tremendous positive impact on our environment. It's estimated that nearly 20 billion (billion!) pads and tampons are discarded each year in North America alone. The plastics in a pad will take hundreds of years to decompose. The process of manufacturing these disposables also pollutes our waterways, air and animal habitats, not to mention all that plastic that ends up in the riverways and seas and in whales and fishes :(
Switching to reusables does make a difference, one pad at a time!

5. You will support independent companies and artisanal makers.

By buying from us, you will be helping to put food on peoples tables, not line CEO's pockets! OURS... and to be honest, we definitely need food on our tables at this time in the pandemic. 

6. It's sanitary, doesn't leak and easier to clean than you think.

When talking about reusable options, one is inevitably faced with the questions: "is it clean?" and "will it leak?" Many cloth pads use a removable liner for extra absorption, and many have a waterproof lining sewn inside. It may be a tad bulkier, but occasional bulk is infinitely better than a lifetime of health problems. With the right maintenance, reusable products are just as sanitary. For cloth pads, most recommend soaking them overnight in water (you can add tea tree oil to sanitise further) and toss them in the wash for a hot water cycle.

7. Heck, it's empowering.

Forget those boring, bleached white synthetic products and packaging that are aimed at 'women'. We KNOW that it's not just women that bleed. Trans Males, non-binary, and genderqueer people bleed too!
Reusable options are bursting with colour, patterns, unique designs -- personality!!!!!  Cloth pads have been worn by people for YEARS and YEARS and we were once shamed into hiding for a week because it was 'filthy' and not to be discussed. FUCK THAT! 



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