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Pre-order this amazing 'emo is not a phase' now! 
We will be limiting this to just 30 meters and this means if you don't order the pre-order, you won't get it as we won't be ordering this as a regular item. 

How the pre-order works - 
Once you have purchased your pre-order for £10, we will reply to your email and ask what products and sizes you need, this will then be added to your existing invoice, and the £10 will be taken off the final price. 

Select your items from the selection below, and the sizes you wish to purchase. Available in either all-over print, or with lovely black contrasting bands, or with the Wilde Mode branded rainbow bands

  • Comfort Bra £40
  • Comfort Top £33
  • Brief £22
  • High waist Brief £22
  • Thong £22
  • Pouched Brief £22
  • Leggings £45
  • T-shirt £45
  • Bodysuit £49
  • Pouched Boxers/stuffer friendly £30
  • Pouchless Boxers / Period-friendly pouchless boxers £30
  • Cycle shorts £38
  • Pyjama Set (short/trousers and tee/racerback) £65/85
  • kids trousers £15
  • kids t-shirt £15
  • Hoodie (long or crop) £40/50
  • Hoodie Dress £70
  • Dungarees £99

Pictures and print are not to scale and colours may vary due to the printing process.
Please see our size guide online for the size you need - please make sure to measure as this is a made-to-measure service. 

This fabric is due MID/LATE June 2023

All pre-orders are to be paid within 7 working days, failure to do so will result in your deposit being lost.