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Wilde Mode Ltd

Reusable Organic Bamboo Muslin Face Cloths

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We are delighted to bring you our Organic Bamboo Muslin Face Wipes. 

Each in a set of 4 mixed colours. 

Measuring 12"x12" each

  1. GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - who wants scrubs that are harsh to your delicate skin? No me! These provide the perfect alternative  

  2. COST EFFECTIVE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Made using sustainable organic cotton, these will last years, so save on money, plus help save the environment too as no hidden plastic, and can be used again and again, rather than disposable wipes. 

  3. INCREASES COLLAGEN PRODUCTION - Exfoliating breaks down dead skin cells and helps to increase collagen production 

  4. GENTLY EXFOLIATES - Lovely and soft, yet still good enough to give a gentle exfoliation

  5. 6. REDUCES INFLAMMATION - helps with blood circulation and so calms puffiness and redness and will help the lymphatic system

  6. 8. PROVIDES DEEP CLEANING effect - helps deep clean the skin from impurities.

  7. THEY CAN BE USED WITH ANY PRODUCT - being made with cotton, they are suitable to be used with any product