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About Us

Hello, We are Wilde Mode!

  • We are a vegan owned, independent Sustainable Brand based in Dundee, in Scotland.
  • Dundee was once the heart of the textile industry and Wilde Mode aims to bring that back!
  • Wilde Mode was founded in August of 2018, through its founders mental health recovery and launched in January of 2019. Deborah is a single parent and a chronic health warrior who suffers from depression and fibromyalgia (amongst other things) and you can read about that HERE.
  • Deborah has two sons, both with disabilities. Her eldest also has Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1, you can read about that HERE. 
  • Despite all this, Deborah runs a successful and inclusive brand that is loved by people all over the globe. 

  • We value ourselves as being gender and size-inclusive and pride ourselves on promoting positive mind, body and soul confidence!
  • We want to provide you with empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and pride in being who YOU truly are!
  • Have a look at our customers and their stories, HERE.
  • We make everything to order, and this means that when you purchase a product, it is handmade, just for you. No mass production, no picking off a shelf, less excess waste; meaning you get a truly tailored and unique piece of clothing and you can feel better about helping the environment too! We also hate scratchy, itchy labels or seams, so we don't have any, making them suitable for even the most sensitive wearer!​
    • Any offcuts that are left, are either donated to Uppertunity,
      (Deborah's Son volunteers for this incredible charity and works in the cafe, Serendipities in Dundee) or to the local College textile students, so they too can use their artistic talents and make amazing items or sent to a wonderful girl called Steph, who sews to help her mental health and uses our off-cuts to create amazing things too! 
    • Not a single piece of waste goes into a bin within our factory. It is all either recycled or up-cycled; this goes for all things we use including our stationary, personal items and day to day waste.
    • We pride ourselves on our 100% carbon neutral footprint as the packaging company we use plant trees for every cardboard box we use!
    • We also plant trees for every sale we make using another company  called Ecologi! Not only do we plant a tree for every sale, our employees also have their carbon footprint offset by planting 864 trees a year!
    • We also use a search engine called Ecosia! This means that your searches plant trees in some of the harshest places on Earth. In Burkina Faso, they make the desert fertile again.

Copyright and Fighting the Fight

  • 'Dundee fashion Designer wins "David and Goliath" case after online retail giant SHEIN stole her designs'. You can read about that HERE.
  • 'Fast fashion retail Shein is expanding rapidly, but who's really behind the brand'? BBC Radio 4 interview, you can listen to that HERE. 

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