About Us

Hello, We are Wilde Mode!

Wilde Mode has become the new face of bespoke handmade comfort and style in the underwear and loungewear industry.  With products that provide a range of styles, colours and creative fun prints, the brand celebrates empowerment, confidence, pride and inclusivity. 

Wilde Mode is for EVERY BODY and sizes range (currently) from 3XS to 10XL.

We include different top and gusset options, and all products are suitable for any gender; because we believe that all clothing is genderless, and if our products make you feel good about yourself, then wear it!

The Founder

Wilde Mode was founded by Deborah Breen in August of 2018, through its founders mental health recovery after her mental health deteriorated in 2015. Deborah is a queer, Neurodivergent, AuDHD chronic illness warrior with a kick ass - let’s do this attitude. 

Sensory Overload 

Wilde Mode started because of Deborah’s struggles to find clothing that suited her, and her children's needs... the need to be comfortable, free from itchy seams or scratchy labels, and most importantly to not cause another sensory overload!

Deborah started making clothing for herself and her two (also ASD) boys because of their sensory issues; she understands the need to have clothing that doesn’t dig in, doesn’t  cause pain and is comfortable to wear all day long. 

Deborah is always there to advise customers with various health conditions or needs through her online platforms and provides support for those who have extra needs not provided for in her online collection. If your size isn't listed please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you: orders@wildemode.com


Deborah started the brand with just herself and a single sewing machine at home; and now, works from The Circle in Dudhope Castle in Dundee, Scotland where her and her small team hand make each item to order. 

The Circle provided a new home for her business in 2021 when she faced being unable to access her workshop at Dundee and Angus College Business Incubator Space.  Deborah was unable to manufacture due to the local lockdown  regulations the college faced, at the height of the global Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Luckily for her, an email from The Circle allowed Deborah to move her business into their social working environment in February 2021.  With their help, the brand managed to continue manufacturing and to continue to create products and provide its customers with the exceptional service they have come to love and trust. 

Our small team is made up of 3 people. Founder Deborah, Floor Manager Helen, Head Seamstress Anabel. Our small team are multi talented and we each cut, grade and sew the products for our customers in our small workshop. 

Wilde Mode also partner with other small, independent and sustainable brands from time to time.  We work with these other brands to create items that we can not produce ourselves, such as the tights and menstruation products. We have strict rules around working with other brands, and make sure that their values and ethos aligns with ours; sustainable and ethically made, ethically produced, living wage employers. 


We believe in slow fashion because we respect our customers, workers, and the environment.  We do not add vast amounts of products at a time because we encourage you to wear and shop hand-made clothing that you'll love and cherish for years to come - better for you, and better for the environment. 

We hand make to order, meaning that we do not mass produce. This means a slower turn around and less waste!

Our fabrics are Organic and Oeko-Tex (certifies non-hazardous end-products and all of their components). Products that carry the Standard 100 label have been tested and proven free of harmful levels of toxic substances. We currently use fabric suppliers from the EU, meaning they also have a lower carbon footprint. 

Any offcuts that are left, are either donated to Uppertunity, Togs for Tots
or to the local College textile students, so they too can use their artistic talents and make amazing items or sent to a wonderful girl called Steph, who sews to help her mental health and uses our off-cuts to create amazing things too!

Not a single piece of waste goes into a bin within our factory. It is all either donated, recycled or up-cycled; this goes for all things we use including our stationary, personal items and day to day waste.

Not only does the packaging company we use plant trees for every cardboard box we use, we also plant trees for every article we sell using another company called Ecologi! PLUS our employees also have their carbon footprint offset by planting 864 trees a year!


We also use a search engine called Ecosia! This means that your searches plant trees in some of the harshest places on Earth. In Burkina Faso, they make the desert fertile again.

Copyright and Fighting the Fight

'Dundee fashion Designer wins "David and Goliath" case after online retail giant SHEIN stole her designs'. You can read about that HERE.

'Fast fashion retail Shein is expanding rapidly, but who's really behind the brand'? BBC Radio 4 interview, you can listen to that HERE. 

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