Q - What is the difference between pouched and without pouch, and without pouch pad friendly gussets?

A - pouched is a gusset with extra room suitable for those with a penis, or a stuffer.

Without pouch has a flat gusset for those without a penis or the need for extra room, and pad friendly means that the gusset it flat and has a special insert so you can clip a pad to the gusset for menstruation or Incontinence. 

 - What is a comfort top?

A - A comfort top is exactly what it says; a comfortable and lightly supportive gender-free top!

They are designed to skim the bust, however, if you would prefer a more supportive fit, we suggest you size down. 

Due to their amazing comfort, they are very helpful to those with sensitivity to fabrics and chronic pain; such as sensory processing disorder, fibromyalgia and MS sufferers.

The fabric is super soft and comfortable; made using eco-tex cotton lycra. 

Their unique design means that they can be worn by any gender and is available in sizes XXS - 6XL

Q - Hi, I saw your page through Instagram and I noticed that you say that the tops fit any cup size.... however I am a j cup and I struggle to find bras that fit. So my question is would the fabric fit even me?

A - Yes! the fabrics are stretchy!

There is a measuring guide on the page so measure yourself and you'll find the right size! 

Q - I wear UK 18 but have 36HH boobs, would an XL or 2XL better?

A - Our ambassador in our video wears a 2XL and is also a size 36HH! However if you would like a snugger fit, you can size down!

Q - Why do I measure around my bust and not my ribcage too?

A - It only requires a full bust measurement, as the banding does not sit in the same place as the underwire of a bra does. 

Q - What if I am in-between sizes?
A -  We suggest you size down because our fabrics are stretchy!

Q - Why do you only add measurements to your size guide?

A - We do this as it means a more inclusive and a better fit for all bodies. 

What are reusable pads and pants?

  • Cloth fabric pads, with a pretty top side, an absorbent core, and a leak-proof backing, all made from fabric. 
  • You do not throw them away but instead, wash and re-use them again and again. 
  • Pants have the added benefit of being an all in one pad and pant that you menstruate into and then wash and wear again!

So what are the advantages of reusable Pads?

  1. Lifetime use - wash and reuse
  2. Reduce Plastic Waste - no throwaway plastic parts in landfills or our seas
  3. Reduction of energy use - all that energy saved compared to the disposable pads being made by the millions each year in factories
  4. Fewer Toxins - no nasty chemicals used to make them or in contact with your bits, so better for you and the environment
  5. Can help reduce menstrual flow and pain
  6. Save Money - you won't need to buy them every month
  7. They are super cool and collectable, trust us, once you have one, you will want more designs :P

Reusable Wipes

These re-usable wipes are just awesome. Made using our high-quality eco-tex cotton lycra and cotton/bamboo terry towelling or 100% cotton muslin,  so you can save £ and help the environment too!

  •  4" x 4" or 6"x6" and is perfect for adding to your handbag after a night out
  • Each wipe will be chosen at random, so you're guaranteed a surprise!
  • Remove makeup, wash your face or use it to wash your smelly bits.
  • Can be used as a cum cloth or fanny flannel
  • Wash and re-use
  • Plastic Free
  • Helps to save the environment - no plastic and waste in landfill or our seas
  • Muslin measures 12"x12"

Use it to remove your make-up, wash your face, fanny flannel or use it as a cum  

 More pant designs coming soon!