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🏆Award Winning Sustainable Slow Fashion, Handmade in Scotland in sizes 3XS-10XL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

We strive for a slower turn-over, a longer lasting product and less environmental impact; consciously and responsibly making sure every product made meets our strict standards.

Meet Our Collaboration Designers

Love love love Wilde Mode comfort bras

Love love love Wilde Mode comfort bras. Soft, supportive, and perfect for breastfeeding as you can just pull it down. I have to wear a bra overnight too and it's the comfiest one I've ever worn. Caroline Hardaker

You've changed my relationship with my body

Legit I don’t think how much what you’ve done has changed my relationship with my body and the biology of my assigned at birth parts. I’m in the gym right now with it and I feel so much more comfortable than I ever did. Danica Earthen

Don't hesitate to buy

Firstly the designs and range of styles are unique,quirky and fun. The range of clothing they have is great and it's an independent business, which in this day and age ,its important to support small businesses and not to contribute to fast fashion.
The customer service is amazing...the personal touches in the order packages are thoughtful and make me as a customer feel valued.
The clothing is comfortable and affordable. I love the joggers and comfort bras..(which offer support without the danger of being impaled on wires)
I love this company already...I def will be buying more in the future ❤ Dawn Shields-Pettitt

Our designs are made using certified OEKO-TEX® fabric

Responsible Sourcing and Sustainability

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, We have a no waste policy; all fabrics used within our factory are utilised - not a single scrap goes into landfill.

Offcuts are turned into our ostomy bags, masks, scrunchies and wipes. We donate our offcuts to a local charity called Uppertunity  who use them to make awesome art with! Even our tiny offcuts are upcycled;  a wonderful human is sent all our tiny scraps and they use their clever magic and turn these into our hair bows. How awesome is that?! 

Anything too small to make items with are taken to the local  recycling centre and turned into new items. 

Whatever Your Vibe We Have Something for You

Stay Cute!

Step into a world of cuteness with our delightful range of print underwear and clothing. From charming prints to whimsical patterns, our collection is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Shop Spooky

If you love the macabre and have a darker side we make some gorgeous gothic inspired prints that we are sure you will want to summon onto your body.

The Kinky Collection

If you want to show your naughty side then this is the collection for you. We have a full range of fun and flirty prints to show off your wild side.

Shop Solid Colours

Not a print kind of person? Don't worry we do a full of range of solid colours too. From colour blocking to all our one colour. Whatever works best for you

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