Hey design enthusiasts! 🎨✨ Ever dreamt of seeing your unique style come to life? Now's your chance! Design a pair of pants for us, and you could WIN a fabulous set of undies to complete the look! 🕺💃

📆 Deadline: Get those creative juices flowing and submit your masterpiece by January 31st.

💌 Submission Email: Send your designs to Orders@widemode.com. Don't forget to include your name and a short caption about your inspiration!

🎉 Prize: The chosen design will not only be brought to life but also earn you an entire set of our cozy undies to rock with your creation. Talk about a double win! 🏆🩲

May the creative force be with you! 🚀✨ Good luck, and let those designs shine! 🌈 #WideModeDesignContest #FashionDreams #DesignToWin

picture is a line drawing of a pair of underwear in black lines on white background

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