Meet The Team

Debz - She/They - Founder/Designer/Garment Technologist

Likes all things dark including chocolate, coffee and crime documentaries
She is a bit of a rainbow goth, her favourite things to wear are black black and black but with the brightest Wilde Mode rainbow undies underneath.
She likes learning new things and learned how to sew/make a business all by herself "cos I’m like that and like to do things myself my own way". In her spare time she likes to model and her favourite part of Wilde Mode is creating items for people that make a fundamental difference to their lives!!


Anabel - She/Her - Sewing Machinist/Pattern Cutter/Designer

Loves to eat among her favourites are Spanish Omelet, pasta, salads, steak, fish, biscuits and anything made by her mother. She hates to cook though, so don't expect dinner at her's anytime soon! She loves to dance and used to practice Classic Ballet from three years old up to nineteen. She now prefers burlesque and belly dancing, but doesn't get much time so does it at home. Anabel loves to sew and says she was born with a needle between her fingers. For Wilde Mode she cuts patterns and sews them to make your pieces for you. Her favourite things to make are bras, boxers, leggings and hair scrunchies. 

Helen - Floor/Production Manager

Helen has been working for Wilde Mode for over 2 years and and is commited to staying creative and exploring the fashion world every day. Their style and hobbies change from day to day (just like the Scottish weather!). "One surprising thing, which I always said was when I was a kid, was I never liked drawing or art classes, but how that changed when I chose my career path to Fashion Designer.' Their love for sewing and designing will be eternal. "Working for Wilde Mode taught me a variety of skills, from grading a pattern to packing an order. Being able to get to a position as a manager has given me an opportunity to learn everything about the business and become more involved."

Amy - She/Her - Photographer (Brighton) Website Developer

Amy has been helping brands develop and grow for the last five years. Before this she has worked for an alternative trade show as a sales manager, owned her own online and bricks and mortar shop and worked as a wholesale or brand manager for  several different brands. She manages the Brighton Team. Amy created the new website, all the images for Wilde Mode as well as booking models, SEO, helping with social media and creating banners and listings amongst many other tasks. Not bad for someone who has ADHD, dyslexic, dyspraxia and was moved down a year at school. She lives with her husband and dog Brian. Amy loves true crime, documentaries and is learning Italian. Amy loves to draw in the evenings on her iPad and has some fun prints in the work for Wilde Mode. 


Faeryn - They/She - Customer Services (Brighton)

"I'm very excited to be on board with a gender neutral and slow fashion small business as a non-binary plant based person!". Faeryn loves anything green, from vegetables to frogs (their favourites being sugar snap peas and milk frogs). If given half the chance they will talk to you for hours about Animal Crossing and loves pointing at the same creatures in all the museums saying "I've caught that!". Avid spokesperson for spider appreciation and big crystal collector. Their favourite pieces from Wilde Mode are the comfort bras as they're sensory friendly and their favourite prints are the spooky/foresty styles.

Florence - She/Her - Customer Services (Brighton)

"It makes me happy to know I am helping to solve people's questions and queries!". Loves cocktails (especially when it's happy hour), her favourite is a Zombie. Enjoys going to the cinema to watch horror films with her Grandma and finding new places to go out to eat with her boyfriend. A lover and collector of tattoos. Loves a true crime podcast and has a guilty pleasure for reality TV. Will not be seen in public without a pair of platforms. Her favourite part of makeup is blusher (especially on the tip of the nose!). "I feel very lucky to be involved with such an empowering small business, whether it be replying to our lovely customers or posing behind the camera!"