Debz, Helen and Anabel are taking a selfie. They are all dressed up in Black and full make up about to go on a night out and smiling to the camera.

After soaking up some much-needed holiday vibes, we've busted back into the office with a fresh burst of energy! 💼💪 Brace yourselves because this year, we're bringing you an avalanche of exciting new products and mind-blowing creative collaborations! 🌟🤝

Hold onto your floaties because, after 5 1/2 years of your persistent requests (you guys are awesome), we're finally making a splash with our upcoming SWIM COLLECTION! 🏖️👙 Dive into a sea of style and fun with us this year!

And the excitement doesn't stop there! 🌊✨ Our WEDNESDAY PRINT SALE is in full swing – all prints must go by January 19th. Act fast before these gems vanish into thin air!

But wait, there's more! The design competition is still in full swing, and we're absolutely loving the entries so far! 🎨🚀 Keep 'em coming, creative minds! The deadline to enter is January 31st, so don't miss your chance to shine.

Oh, and get prepared for Valentines Day! A swoon-worthy collaboration with Amy Hastings has dropped just in time for Valentine's Day. 💘💫 Grab your goodies now and get ready for some serious heart eyes! 😍🛍️

a pink and purple background with strawberries and a lambs head, with 4 models in their underwear which is designed by amy hastings. The print is light pink with drawings of cupid, lambs and other delightful drawings.

Get ready for a tidal wave of awesomeness! 🌊🚀 #BackInAction #NewYearNewVibes #SwimIntoStyle #WednesdayPrintSale #DesignContest #ValentinesCollab

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