Hello Wonderful humans!

Debz the founder here. I wanted to write a small newsletter as I would really like your thoughts and input on a couple new items.

At long last, we've unleashed our highly anticipated swimwear range, all thanks to your persistent inquiries! 😝 To our early adopters, we're eager to hear from you. What features captivated you? What fell short? And what enhancements or brand-new swimwear pieces are you dreaming of?

Hold tight—more swimsuits, trunks, and our freshly crafted 2-piece bikini sets are about to hit the shelves next week. These gems were formerly exclusive to pre-orders only. 🥳

Our journey into dungarees in 2022 took everyone by storm, despite the lack of stretch in the fabric—a crucial element you yearned for. Taking your feedback to heart, I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of 5 new dungaree styles, each boasting the much-requested stretchiness! :) However, these will be exclusive, limited to only 30 pairs each. Thus, I ponder... are you keen on securing yours through a partial pre-order payment?

With Autumn as the expected launch period, there's ample time to plan ahead. The pre-order fee is set at £15, which will be deducted from the total cost of £74.99. Yes, it might seem steep, but rest assured, it's a worthy investment for ethically handmade quality in the UK!

I would love your feedback!

Stay Wilde, Debz x0x

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