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Dragons Den 

A few weeks ago, Dragons Den called me and asked me to apply for their show.

At first I was flattered and wanted to apply, and after a couple of interviews I was through to the next stage.

Then i came to a realisation. Upon seeing their terms and conditions of ‘viewing conditions’ I decided that the whole thing really wasn’t for me and my company.

I’ve built this brand up with my own 2 hands from scratch. Everything I know about business and sewing, I’ve taught myself. Me. I did that.

I haven’t had any education or formal training, just a whole lot of passion and dedication.

But knowing that I’m going to be picked apart from the insides out, publicly for all to see, as a part of making good tv, just isn’t for me.

I don’t want investment in my business. I don’t need these dragons to be convinced to give me revenue to make them money in the long run.

Im already a global brand, that’s doing pretty well for itself … and not because of tv exposure and need for investment; but because of hard work, dedication and most of all because of my values and ethos on how to get to where you want to be.

Maybe I won’t ever be the kind of brand they would want me to be; globally successful, turning over Xbillion a year… but to me, my success is not monetary but what my customers get from the goods we sell. It’s the ‘this product has changed my life’ that I do this for. My business and brand is about purpose over profit and I’m proud to have turned down Dragon’s Den!

Insight and inspiration for women in business 


Deborah Breen: Wilde Mode

As part of our campaign with Getty Images to change the image of female-led entrepreneurship, the founder of Wilde Mode tells her business story.

Deborah Breen (second from left) with her team at Wilde Mode. © Getty Images

“Every time I have someone tag Wilde Mode in a picture or a review, this makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference to people’s lives through my designs and it’s a total pleasure”

Wilde Mode is a gender- and size-inclusive clothing and apparel brand that prides itself on promoting positive mind, body and soul confidence through its garments and ethos. Its founder, Deborah Breen, says that after struggling with depression and fibromyalgia, she decided to start her own business and founded Wilde Mode in 2018. 

“It’s now a successful and gender-inclusive brand loved by people of all shapes and sizes across the globe, with garments available in sizes 3XS – 10XL. Our small team handmake sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon-neutral, slow fashion garments. All our products are made with Oeko-Tex fabrics and are sensory friendly.”

“I hope I continue to empower and encourage people to be true to themselves through the clothing I create”Deborah Breen, founder, Wilde Mode

Like many businesses, Deborah had to adapt because of the impact of the pandemic. “We relocated to new premises, where we have 24/7 access to our studio. We added new products, such as face coverings, due to popular demand by our customers, and introduced measures within our space to make sure our staff feel safe in the workshop,” she says.

After a challenging year, she was excited to collaborate in 2021 with more small and independent businesses, which is something she says the business loves to do. “We also had new products being launched and many new designs coming.”

She’s thrilled when she sees Wilde Mode clothing worn by customers, even now. “Every time I have someone tag Wilde Mode in a picture or a review, this makes me feel so proud,” says Deborah. “Every day I get to experience this and it makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference to people’s lives through my designs and it’s a total pleasure. I hope I continue to empower and encourage people to be true to themselves through the clothing I create. I’m now taking the time to look back and see the incredible brand I’ve created and made a success of and I feel really proud; it’s great to be acknowledged for that.”

“To have the recognition as a female, as a business woman and a small brand, helps me see that I am on the right path; I’m making positive change to the world and I hope to do that for a long time”Deborah Breen, founder, Wilde Mode

If she has one piece of advice for other women looking to launch their own business, it would be: do it. “What’s stopping you? I suffer with ill health but I have managed to run a successful business despite these conditions. The only thing stopping you is yourself! There are many enterprises and advisers who are there to guide you through your journey, don’t be afraid to join these communities and ask for help.

“I’ve found a real community through Women’s Business Station and I’d recommend everybody finds their tribe to help support them on their journey.”

To be featured in the bank and Getty Images’ Female Focus #BeTheRoleModel initiative is the icing on the cake. “It means the world to me. To have the recognition as a female, as a business woman and a small brand, helps me see that I am on the right path; I’m making positive change to the world and I hope to do that for a long time.”

View all images in the Getty Images Female Focus collection here.
Learn more about the winners in the experimental 
Metaverse virtual gallery.

Meet more of our Female Focus: #BeTheRoleModel

campaign’s inspirational entrepreneurs


2022’s Most inspiring female founders revealed 


 ‘The Insider’. 


March 2022 

We are moving to a castle!!!

We have been a tenant of @thecircle_cic for a whole year now, and they are moving out of Staffa Place and onto new and better things.

Wilde Mode are proud to announce that they will be moving to Dudhope Castle in Dundee with @thecircle_cic 😀

As a child growing up, my grandad, Leslie would take me to play in the park behind the castle and I lived next to it most of my life in Dundee too.

When I found out our new home would be here, I can honestly say that I Squealed and I cried tears of absolute joy!

@kirsty1thomson opened her arms to my brand and my business because she knew we were more than a just for profit business, and we cannot wait to continue the journey and success we have both had, together.

Many other amazing more than for profit businesses are also moving, including @uppertunity_ who we hope to collaborate with again this year!

2022 is going to be a special year for all, and I cannot thank all at @thecircle_cic for the kindness, the support and most of all the wonderful vision these people have.

Together we can be the change we want to see!

#wildemode #dudhopecastle #dudhopepark 
#dundee #morethanprofit #newbeginnings #newyear2022 
#businessgrowth #purposeoverprofit #thecircledundee 
#castle #scottishcastle


Dundee Fashion Designer and entrepreneur named one of 2022’s most inspiring female founders


January 2022: Deborah Breen from Dundee, Scotland has been named as one of the UK’s most inspirational and dynamic female entrepreneurs by the f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign.


Deborah who founded Wilde Mode Ltd in 2018, is being profiled alongside 100 female entrepreneurs from across the country, as part of the campaign to celebrate the multi-achievements of women running businesses in the UK today.   Now in its fifth year, the growing campaign attracted a record number of applications for this year’s ‘#ialso100’ line-up.


Delivered by Small Business Britain – the leading champion of small businesses in the UK -  f:Entrepreneur was launched in 2017 to highlight the stories of amazing female business owners and help provide inspiration and role models across the wider small business community. Now in its fifth year, the campaign offers a host of events and training and networking opportunities to boost skills, capability and confidence.


The f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ line-up particularly sets out to showcase trailblazing female founders who lead businesses alongside a roster of other responsibilities, such as volunteering, mentoring and community support. Many of the businesses featured in this year’s campaign also demonstrate a huge commitment to the environment by championing sustainability.


Indeed, Deborah was also called out for NatWest/Getty Images; Be the Role Model, BWS Business Awards; The Sustainable Business Award and the DHL/British Fashion Council; Potential Fashion Award to name a few.


From quantum computer engineers, and vegan fruit farmers, to sustainability advocates and inclusive fashion designers, this year’s campaign celebrates inspiring and resilient female entrepreneurs that have flourished despite the challenges of the past years, with many still growing or starting new ventures.


On being featured in the #ialso100 lineup, Deborah said: It is fantastic to be recognized as a female entrepreneur – and to be recognized as one of Britain’s top 100! I am excited for what the future holds for female entrepreneurs!”.


Both f:Entrepreneur and Small Business Britain were founded by Michelle Ovens CBE, who is also the director of Small Business Saturday UK.


“Congratulations to Wilde Mode Ltd, and all of the brilliant female entrepreneurs featured in this year’s #ialso100,” said Michelle Ovens.


“It is so vital that we recognize and celebrate the phenomenal contribution that women running businesses are making across the UK, and the far-reaching, positive impact they are having, not just on the economy, but on wider communities too. The last few years have been hugely challenging for small businesses, yet despite this female entrepreneurship continues to grow and flourish in the UK, and is very much at the heart of the UK’s recovery.”


To see the full line-up of the 100 amazing women featured in this year’s f:entrepreneur #ialso100 campaign  visit https://f-entrepreneur.com/ialso-100-2022 

Notes to Editors


Interviews and images are available on request.


For more information please contact  deborah@wildemode.com


About f:Entrepreneur


Michelle Ovens CBE set up the f:Entrepreneur Campaign, which launched on International Women’s Day 2017, because of the growing sense that there should be more recognition for the amazing, multi-faceted contribution of women who run so many businesses in the UK.


The goal of the campaign is to celebrate the dynamic and inspirational businesses led by women in the UK. It is aimed at both men and women, because everyone has something to learn from these stories of challenge and success. 


Through events, content and storytelling, f:Entrepreneur showcases role models to help and inspire all small businesses.





About the #ialso100


The f:Entrepreneur #ialso100 will celebrate and showcase amazing female entrepreneurs from all over the UK and is brought to you by the f:Entrepreneur campaign, run by Small Business Britain. 


About Small Business Britain


Small Business Britain is the UK’s leading champion of small businesses, supporting the UK's 6 million small businesses, no matter their location, their sector, or their ambition level. 

Through a series of campaigns, networks, training and reports, Small Business Britain champions and informs small businesses in the UK. Committed to making entrepreneurship as inclusive as possible, it brings small business owners together to foster growth and increased confidence. 



Twitter: @britainsmallbiz

Facebook: @smallbusinessbritain

Instagram: britainsmallbiz



Why is our logo a butterfly??? What does it mean?
When I was a child, I was the black sheep, the oddball. I was not like my family and a tomboy, usually on my own or hanging out with my dad, fixing his cars in his garage or riding my bike along the village roads.
I was bullied at school, teased for being 'different'... my family called me 'Dippy Debbie" and frequently took the piss out of me because I was 'thick'.
I was a victim of child abuse, childhood sexual assault (by my uncle, stepdads friend and the babysitter) and neglect.
As a result, I turned into a wild child.
I had my first child at 20, married at 26. My then-husband was abusive and the marriage only lasted 10 months.
At 27 I was a single parent to 2 young children.
I always found it hard to connect with people and I never really understood that all the things that made me so special, were the things that people prayed upon and abused me for; My naivety, my willingness to be loved and to please... my kind and my over-trusting nature.
Don't get me wrong, I have done and said things I am not proud of, but I do believe that people seek out and look for these traits because they are an 'easy' target.
Throughout my life, I have had a doctor, that has wanted me (for years) to go to get some sexual abuse counselling (I've pretty much had every other form) and at 37 I finally got some help from @wrasac
It was here that I learned about the abuse that I had gone through; that it wasn't my fault. All those years of guilt and my mum saying 'well even if you did flirt with X - X shouldn't have done that'. Knowing that someone believed that I didn't 'flirt' and that no adult should ever take advantage of a child. I learned that none of it was 'all in my head' and I was listened to and believed.
So much of what happened will never leave me, and yet; I was a black ugly caterpillar and metamorphosed into a beautiful and liberated butterfly. SO that's why it's my logo.
What I have been through, I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor. I am FREE from my guilt, my shame and ridicule.
I am here to empower, to share my story and to help others find THEIR freedom; because if I can do it - YOU CAN TOO.



I don't know about you, but I know I'm due on this festive season, and I'll be damned if I will let it ruin my fun!

So plan ahead, and grab yourself some absorbency items that are not only practical, but BLOODY FUN!
(excuse the pun)

Available in sizes 2XS - 6XL, our briefs are perfect for that soft hug you need at the time and won't irritate or chaff.

The smallest size we currently make is PERFECT for a person's first time; a pair of period pants, a few pads and some wipes would make the perfect 'my first period / menstruation set'!
These are all available now, and there is no need to wait as these are all ready to be shipped.

Stay Comfy this season, and don't let the bloody thing drag you down!

Make it a WILDE Christmas – Wilde Advent is here


Christmas has well and truly arrived here at Wilde Mode HQand we have some epic stocking fillers and gifts with a conscience this Christmas. We’ve wrapped up the very best offerings for you. Take a peek!

Not only that, every day during Wilde Advent, we are giving away a FREE gift with every purchase!
It could be a pair of leggings, pants, a T-shirt, hair scrunchie, facemask, the list goes on.
All you have to do is add the code FREE GIFT to your cart and it will automatically be sent out with every purchase from now to 14/12/21.

The Ultimate Christmas Eve Box

Limited Edition Christmas Eve Goodie Box - £250


This Limited Edition Christmas Eve Box will make your Christmas Magical, it’s a real treat. Whether you are by yourself or with your loved one this Christmas, it’s about spoiling yourself and you're in for a treat with this Wilde Mode box, bursting full of Christmas Cheer!
Expect a bonanza of Wilde in the box:

2 Pairs of his/hers/theirs matching gender-inclusive shorts and tee pyjamas
2 Wilde Mode printed cups
1 set of Wilde Mode coasters
2 Pairs of snuggly socks
2 Buttermilk vegan hot chocolate bombs 
Buttermilk vegan choccy treats
1 Carnage at the carnival soy wax melt
Advent Calendar 
plus a few added surprises too 


The gift that keeps on giving

Wilde Mode Subscription Box - £180


A pair of limited edition super soft undies delivered to your door every month throughout 2022. That’s 12 pairs of pants for the price of 10 PLUS you’ll receive 20% off sitewide throughout your subscription period.

Babies are Wilde too

Wilde Baby Gift Set - £49.99


No scratchy seems or itchy labels with this super-soft jersey baby set from Wilde Mode, now your baby can match you this Christmas in this Limited Edition Print baby gift set.
A super-soft jersey baby set from Wilde Mode. Featuring a long-sleeve T-shirt and long leg cuffed trousers.


Stocking fillers

Wilde Mode’s Bamboo Backed Sleep Eye Mask and Aromatherapy – £25


Luxury Handmade Sustainable Bamboo Backed Sleep Eye Mask and Aromatherapy Essential Oil Roller Ball Gift Set


A gift for the Bah-humbug in your life

Limited-edition gender-free Bah-humbug Christmas Goth Pyjamas - £80


Wake up on Christmas morning, goth style with these super-soft jersey Pyjamas from Wilde Mode. Featuring Wilde Mode’s signature sensory friendly fabric, this set consists of a short-sleeve T-shirt and short style cuffed bottom and of course no scratchy seams or itchy labels. And the best part of all – 2 large pockets to store all those Christmas snacks.


For the #WildeModeFamily

Or maybe you have a Wilde friend or family member but just can’t decide what to give them, maybe give them the gift of choice this Christmas with a Wilde Mode gift voucher.



Shop knowing that Wilde Mode plant a tree for every purchase that is made? That’s right, you’ll be contributing towards a target to half the world’s emissions by 2040.



Not long to go until we launch our new pj collection. 
Available as 4 different prints, and limited in quantity but not quality!

These have been designed to fit all body types in sizes XS-7XL

And whats best - they have BIG pockets, perfect for keeping your midnight snacks in! 

Will you be matching your loved one this Christmas?





Did you know, over 700 million people across the world have dyslexia. That is somewhere between 5-10% of the population. So why aren’t more things dyslexia friendly?

Wilde Mode plans to create a dyslexia friendly sizing chart for users worldwide ahead of World Dyslexia Awareness Day (Thursday 7th October).

The standardised size chart isn’t dyslexia friendly as it stands. It uses a mix of numbers and letters that can be difficult for dyslexia sufferers to understand. Wilde Mode’s proposed chart design will include diagrams, images and videos to help consumers accurately take measurements.

Made to measure designs are offered at Wilde Mode which means its important that customers are confident taking their own measurements in order to receive products that are comfortable and don’t dig in or irritate the wearer.

(example of standard size chart)

Deborah is on the search to find a creative designer who can create and bring this idea to life and enter into 2022 with a dyslexia friendly size chart that all of her customers can understand around the world no matter their ability.

Wilde Mode has a number of staff who have dyslexia so the team have found innovative ways to communicate when working in the studio. When the team encounter communication challenges, they have realised that one way the entire team will understand is drawing pictures to illustrate what they mean, which has become a Wilde Mode language.

Deborah said “I’ve suffered from dyslexia my entire life which has been a challenge but I’ve found creative ways to communicate. I’ve shaped Wilde Mode into a brand that is very visual and extrovert because of this reason. Many of our customers have disabilities and I want to take action. Redesigning the standard sizing chart is one way I can help towards making more things accessible to dyslexia sufferers. ”

Emma Grieshaber, seamstress and product developer said “When I was teaching at Wilde Mode, visual learning always worked best rather than words or written instruction. It was a way that everyone could understand so we shadowed the work of each other and learnt through putting the skills into practice.”



Wilde Mode has been whittled down to the final four to win the coveted DHL Fashion Potential Award after entries from over 150 sustainable brands across the UKand it feels so great to be recognised and sit alongside other brands working hard to be a sustainable business!

The DHL Fashion Potential Award has been presented annually by DHL in partnership with the British Fashion Council as part of London Fashion Week since 2017. Previous winners include Rixo, NAECO and Hades Knitwear who have gone on to achieve huge success in the industry.

This year Wilde Mode sits alongside Richard Malone, Scotria and Genevieve Sweeney competing for the coveted recognition and prize.

Founder and Director Deborah Breen said: “I’ve worked very hard to overcome adversity and get to where I am today but feel honoured to be recognised as 1 of 4 sustainable brands across the country who DHL and the British Fashion Council believe to be some of the best in the world! Even to make it to this stage is a massive success to me. I will continue growing the business that I love, offer more opportunities to the community in Dundee, grow globally and continue onour mission to become a carbon negative brand.”

 #wildemode #dhlfashionpotentialaward


Having children that have autism hasn’t been easy. Both my sons were not diagnosed until they were 12, and they are now almost 15 and 21.

When they said, yes ‘name’ has ASD I wasn’t shocked or surprised but relieved. Relieved that all my years battling for a diagnosis, for all the teachers to finally believe that they had ASD and ADHD, and weren’t just ‘stubborn’ or ‘badly behaved’.

This year I took my sons on holiday, and after the shocking experience we had with TUI and not getting on our flight because of a test being out by 120 seconds, and full melt downs and tears, hours on the phone and a 10 hour round drive, we finally got here.

We had planned to go to Gran Canaria but ended up in Greece (Kos).

We arrived here at midnight on Tuesday and it’s taken over a week for them to finally start enjoying their holiday. Well as much as 2 ASD young men can!!

They boys both cried on day 2 that they wanted to go home, because they weren’t where we had planned (for a month) and because as people with ASD, you can understand that they don’t like change and take time to accustom themselves.

One day on Tuesday, after being here a whole week, they wouldn’t come out the room till 7pm at night, only to eat their dinner and go back to the room. Why? Because they were having a hard time adjusting to somewhere they hadn’t been expecting, because change makes them anxious and worried and ‘freak out’.

But here it is, the moment they finally relaxed (today) and managed to start doing things that they actually enjoyed. My eldest braved his fear and went on a water park slide! He has myotonic dystrophy and finds it hard to walk or get up stairs, but he full on went for it!! unfortunately there was an incident and he cut his elbow.. so that’s put him off for life! But he did it!!

My youngest is almost 15. When he was younger we took him to the beach, and from that moment on he refused to go to the beach. ‘I don’t like the sand’! And for years and years I’ve watched him sit on the edge of the beach, whilst I’ve gone into the sea, because he doesn’t like the way the sand felt on his feet. Autism mums will understand this oh too well. BUT TODAY !! He went onto the sand (I got him wetsuit socks that completely covered his feet past his ancles) and EVEN WENT INTO THE SEA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE!!!!
All you autism mums will understand how this feels. How it feels for your children to finally do something that most people don’t even have to think about. TODAY HE EVEN WENT ON A SLIDE AT THE WATER PARK and I screamed like a little girl all the way down but I was so proud.

My boys aren’t very social, they don’t like new things, they don’t like not knowing what’s happening, they don’t like so many things that most people don’t even have to think about. But they are my boys, and I am so very very proud of them and what they achieved this holiday despite the debacle that was the TUI experience.

So hats off to all the other #autismmom out there, too!

We have been a brand for almost 3 years now.

When I first started out, I only made sizes XS-4XL.

Over the last few years customers asked if I could be more inclusive in my sizing, so I added sizes XXS and 5/6 XL to the collection.

This year, being fully inclusive is about including as many (if not all) people and shapes and sizes as POSSIBLE.

As we are a small and still rather young brand, we have still a lot to do to be fully body inclusive; however, we now can include sizes 7/8/9/10 XL in our collection!!

We don’t want to exclude any bodies - but pattern development takes time!

It’s not as easy as you think. It uses maths… MATHS!!! I thought I left maths behind at school 25 years ago, but no!!

All I know is, as an entrepreneur and a designer, I’m as excited as you are about what the future holds for the next 3 years!!

#entrepreneur #designer #creativity #designthinking #creative #brand #branding #marketing #wildemode #development #patterndesign #patterndevelopment

Like Alice, I lived in a world of make-believe to escape the life I lived. 

'The Tragic and Inevitable Loss of Childhood Innocence

Throughout the course of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice goes through a variety of absurd physical changes...These constant fluctuations represent the way a child may feel as her body grows and changes during puberty'.

I know as a female child, I really identified with this. I was a 'tom boy' and to blossom into a woman, was something I had to adapt and become used to. 
Even in my adulthood, I struggle with the body I have grown into. 

I resonate with her charisma, her strength and her determination to never give up, even in a world that constantly confuses and puzzles her, because she is Alice, and she's in her own Wonderland, just like me!

Uppertunity knocks – Wilde Mode to collaborate with social support café enterprise - July 2021



At Wilde Mode we literally work our socks off to go the extra distance to be a sustainable, inclusive and ethical clothing brand that helps to empower those marginalised by society, quite literally, from the bottom up. We do this because we love it and empowering people is at the heart of what we stand for.

We lovingly make colourful and ethical, vegan and gender-and size-inclusive products, from our signature underwear to bespoke designs, supporting and celebrating our core customers from the LGBT community and people with chronic and mental illnesses. 

Our founder, Deborah Breen, strongly believes that, “Loving your body, starts with your internal dialogue with yourself and therefore our products empower our customers and never belittle them.”

Therefore with this ethos in mind, we are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Uppertunity - a Community Interest Company (also known as a non-profit social enterprise), working with individuals (16+) with learning disabilities, autism and mental health barriers.


Who are Uppertunity?

Uppertunity focusses on an individual’s strengths and aspirations, then works with them to realise their potential, leading to self-worth and independence. They do this through creative workshops, group and community work, mentoring, skill development programmes, meaningful volunteering roles, jobs and social events. 

New Serendipities Café

Serendipities is the café of Uppertunity, where they provide a safe training space for individuals with additional needs. The café is a cosy, quirky hub, dedicated to creating and inspiring social change. Run by a mixture of volunteers and core staff, they believe in equality for all, and everything that they do is to help build socially and environmentally sustainable communities.

The café serves a selection of delicious homemade vegan sweet and savoury foods, as well as responsibly sourced hot drinks. 100% of their profits go towards developing the skills, confidence and self-worth of the members of their community, specifically individuals with learning disabilities, autism and mental health barriers. 

View their menu here.

Why collaborate?

Both Wilde Mode and Uppertunity share the same ethos of empowerment and inclusivity. The café is also vegan and cruelty free, both fundamental pillars of the Wilde Mode brand. They also share the commitment to sustainability and doing everything they can to fight climate change.

Tasty start

The collaboration is starting with a sponsored menu, which will be a platform for sharing both our stories and to support each other, helping to empower more people. Uppertunity are also making good use of our scrap fabrics in their art groups – so nothing is ever wasted!

The Founders

Danielle Gaffney du Plooy, Manager of Uppertunity and our very own Wilde Mode founder Deborah Breen also share a lot in common with their personal journeys. Both have battled with depression and deprived backgrounds, fuelling their fire to support others who may be suffering at some point in their lives.

Read Deborah’s story here.

“The start of a beautiful project” 

Danielle comments; “We have both been on a journey of bumps, hills and mountains, and both want to support and empower others on their journey. I believe Uppertunity and Wilde Mode have strong foundations, and together, we can create further ripples of empowerment. Both organisations are people, community and environmentally led. By working together, we can better ourselves as organisations, and build towards sustainability. This is just the start of a beautiful project.” 


Wilde Mode is so much more than just a great pair of pants - it’s a safe space, a reassuring hug and a feeling of belonging. We think Serendipities is the embodiment of our brand values, with great coffee and cake too!

To pay Serendipities a visit head to –

Serendipities Café, 12 Union Street, Dundee DD1 4BH

To find out more visit www.uppertunity.org.uk or email serendipities@uppertunity.co.uk

JULY 2021

Big news for Bra Wearers!


Big news for Bra Wearers!

Our long awaited Wilde Mode Comfort Bras are finally here!

Our made to measure ultimate Comfort Bras will give you that “bra off at the end of the day feeling” (you know the one) all day long! 

Trust us – your chest will thank you.

Not sure of your size? So many of us are wearing the wrong size bras. This has to stop! All our Comfort Bras are handmade to your exact measurements. 

Still not sure why today is the day you join...


Wilde News


Wilde News

The Wilde team have been a bit quiet for the last few weeks because behind the scenes Debz and her crew have been working on some super exciting stuff!!

Not only has the team been expanding, with two new wonderful seamstresses and a brand new marketing team, we have also been creating new products and designs that we know you’ll love. All ethically produced and lovingly handmade with you wonderful peeps in mind.

Incoming… NEW Leotard Bodysuits!!

Wilde Mode Leotard BodysuitsRead the article 


We have new socks!

Rainbow Socks for the win!


I'm a winner!



Today, NatWest announced 15 inspiring female role models from thousands of applicants from a breadth of industries across the country. This list includes Dundee’s independent, vegan fashion designer and mental health advocate, Deborah Breen, Founder and Director of Wilde Mode. The project aims to help change the visual perception of female-run businesses.

The UK’s famous spirit of entrepreneurship is resolute, despite one of the toughest years in recent history, which has had a disproportionate...




Hello you beautiful lot!

We have just moved to our new address at The Circle, Dundee and we are so excited to be able to work again :) 

We have an amazing new mural that will be added by the very talented DSIXX apparel soon :D that will add that extra oomph to our new workshop. 

We are getting back into the swing of things and we have caught up with the backlog of orders from January and February, so hopefully you wont have to wait much longer for your orders.

We have a few new patterns coming soon, including more Fuck...