Meet the Wilde Mode Team

We are a small team of 5, but we are pretty creative and love what we do!

Meet the Team! 
DEBORAH BREEN - Founder and Director

Hello! I'm Debz. I am the founder of Wilde Mode. I'm a Neurodivergent chronic health warrior and I founded Wilde Mode in 2018, after a struggle with my mental health, and haven't looked back! When I started Wilde Mode I didn't ever think that I would be running a successful brand 6 years later. I get to show people every day that no matter what path you have led, no matter what challenges face you, if you have a goal and a plan, and if you work hard every single day,  you can achieve your dreams!  


Michelle De Almédia - Non Executive Director 

Hi! I'm the NED and I joined the team in 2024. I have been working alongside Deborah for some years and she finally managed to get me to join the team. 
I help in the running and overall management of the brand. 

Helen Rozario - Floor Manager

Hi! Im Helen and I started working for Wilde Mode in 2021
Helen is from Bangladesh and has been working for Wilde Mode for over 2 years and is committed to staying creative and exploring the fashion world every day. Her style and hobbies change from day to day (just like the Scottish weather!). "One surprising thing, which I always said was when I was a kid, was I never liked drawing or art classes, but how that changed when I chose my career path to Fashion Designer.' Her love for sewing and designing will be eternal. "Working for Wilde Mode taught me a variety of skills, from grading a pattern to packing an order. Being able to get to a position as a manager has given me an opportunity to learn everything about the business and become more involved." Helens favourite thing to make at Wilde Mode is Bras and Dresses.  

Ana Isabel Renenequie Medina - Garment Technologist
HI! I'm Anabel and I started working for Wilde Mode in 2021 
Anabel is from Barcelona and had been working at Wilde Mode for over 2 years. Anabel 'loves to eat'; among her favourites are Spanish Omelette, pasta, salads, steak, fish, biscuits and anything made by her mother. She hates to cook though, so don't expect dinner at her's anytime soon! She loves to dance and used to practice Classic Ballet from three years old up to nineteen. She now prefers burlesque and belly dancing, but doesn't get much time so does it at home. Anabel loves to sew and says she was born with a needle between her fingers. For Wilde Mode she cuts patterns and sews them to make your pieces for you. Her favourite things to make are bras, boxers, leggings and hair scrunchies. 
Rosa Wilde Mode

Rosa Holm-Huxley - Garment Technologist

Hi! I'm Rosa! I started working for Wilde Mode in 2020 when they were based in Dundee and Angus College. 
I now go to university in Edinburgh, but still work for Wilde Mode during the various term holidays!
My favourite thing to sew is the pants.