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Wilde Mode Absorbency Pants

Wilde Mode Absorbency Pants

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We love that you love our absorbency pads, and we love that you wanted us to supply you with absorbancy pants too!

WHAT are absorbancy pants?

    • Underpants that you wear when you menstruate, or when you have light incontinence!
  • Integrated cloth pad that absorbs so no need to wear pads on top.

So we have worked with a wonderful woman from England, and we are delighted to give you our 1st pre-order for our Organic Cotton absorbancy pants.

  • An alternative to pads/tampons which just fill the landfill or end up in our oceans
  • No throwaway materials 
  • Seam free gusset
  • approx 10" front to back protection
  • Soft and comfortable and great for everyday wear
  • Great for light Incontinence too 
  • Perfect for wearing when cycling or riding 
  • Save £££'s compared to the overall cost of throwaway items
  • Organic cotton jersey fabric